What wasn’t supposed to be a big storm overnight, sure caused a lot of excitement throughout the county today, 6.12″ in my gauge, in Kenbridge since midnight. Just 2 miles down the road, has had a 2 day total of > 10″. I’ve not heard of any injuries to speak of, a few downed trees, a swift water rescue, and some minor power outages, The corn that was planted a couple of weeks ago appears to be thriving, but not so sure of the tobacco that was planted this week, looks like a lot of runoff tore up the bedding, as it did in my garden.

Whittles Mill after 5+ inches of rain

Heard the water was pretty high down at Whittles Mill, so we took a little trip, and on the way down, you could tell that all the little bridges on Plank and Oral Oakes had been flooded overnight, but that was nothing when we got down to the Closed bridge at Whittles Mill, the water was over the bridge by about 6 inches, and according to a local, that has only happened twice before in the last 40 years. I walked through the ankle deep

Whittles Mill on a normal day

water to get a picture of the Dam, the water was barely covering my flip-flops, and you couldn’t tell a dam was there, I’ve seen it on several times where you could see a bump in the water where the dam was, but it just looked like a lake, a very rough lake. Didn’t walk out on to the bridge, didn’t want to be “That Guy”, that had to be rescued, or fell off the bridge, and got swept away, they found his body a week later in Emporia

The red shack on the dam, well the top half

We figured that since the Meherrin River was running high, that we’d take a quick trip to the North end of Lunenburg County and check out the dam at “The Falls” not quite as spectacular as Whittles Mill, but it was raging pretty good, its amazing how much water can flow down these relatively small rivers.

Just Below the Falls Dam.

The dam at the Falls, on the Nottoway River after heavy rain