Well some of you know, and others of you don’t know, but I am running for Kenbridge Town Council…

Why? One reason is that it is my birthday is on election day 😀

Other reasons:

We moved to Lunenburg County nearly 2 years ago, because I had enough with living in the city, and I’ve always enjoyed being out in the country. My wife wasn’t fully on board, with my apparent insanity, but she went along with it somewhat reluctantly at times, the deal was I pick the location, she’d pick the house, she talked about downsizing, and we downsized into a house twice as big as our former home, she had her reasons. My wife was reluctant at first to engage in the community, and I had to pretty much drag her to various events, at each of which she had a blast, and made more new friends, we both consider this our home now, and couldn’t see living anywhere else.

I had some reservations all along with the nearly vacant downtowns/retail districts of Kenbridge and Victoria, and initially wondered why there was so little traffic, and so many abandoned storefronts, but that came apparent, when I found out that the rural town killer Wal-Mart was in the town of Blackstone, roughly 10 miles to the North, and it became clear what happened. Fast forward 20 months, and I’m attending Commonwealth Resource Council comprehensive plan meetings, and I hear the people that have lived here their entire lives, lamenting the time they had the clothing stores, the shoe stores, the markets, and restaurants, ice cream parlors, and Movie theaters, while I’m scratching my head saying to myself, you had an economy, and all the infrastructure, and y’all drove right past it on your way to Walmart, spending dollars to save nickels, and destroying the local economy in the process.

I have been racking my brain to try and find something, that could help start the ball rolling again. Could any unused tobacco warehouses be repurposed into light manufacturing facilities of some sort, unless there is some issues with residual chemicals from the fumigation of tobacco stored there, back in the day. Can there be windows cut in without causing any structural issues, etc? We don’t need to build finished goods, we can build the stuff that is part of the finished goods. Can we lure some of the contractors supporting FASTC at Ft. Pickett, to have their local offices in Kenbridge?