Well it has been six months since we moved to Kenbridge, and nearly a full year since we began this whole thing, and I am so happy we did. Lunenburg county and the town of Kenbridge in my opinion one of the best places to live. To date I think I have only come into contact with one douche, the guy in the yankees shirt that almost ran me and my grand-daughter over with his lawn mower.

Coming from Virginia Beach population ~453,000 to Kenbridge population ~1,253, takes a little getting used to, there are no bars in the county, the closest is 20 minutes down the road, but thats ok. Kenbridge has 5 restaurants, Mildred’s Meals, open for breakfast lunch and dinner, 2 Italian restaurants (one decent, and one thats barley OK), the Mexican place, its not bad, and Tastee Freeze, basic burgers and such, so if you want fancy, you gotta drive to Blackstone, South Hill or FarmVille.

A neighbor described it best, when she told my wife, “It’s a small town, so everyone will know if you fall down, but everyone will be there to help you up”, that statement is so true